We are a group inspired by humanist principles to act in our societies and to encourage responsible citizenship worldwide. We disseminate analyses of social issues informed by the principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, the dignity of the human person and the common good, and we work to foster civic participation that bears those principles in mind.


Solidarity means to truly stand in companionship with another in need.  It is not a superficial giving-from-a-distance out of our excess, but a genuine sense of companionship and being invested in another’s well-being


We promote principled citizenship and social action.

  • We host engaging and proactive dialogue on current events.

  • We produce and disseminate analysis of social issues based on humanist philosophy and our principles.

  • We foster informed and collective civic participation. 

White Feather

Board and Staff

Bernardo Von Raesfeld, President

Kevin Schwindt, US Director

Rodrigo de la Parra, Treasurer

Mario Cuan, Secretary 

Tanya Skypeck, Board Member

Christopher Hunt, Media Contributor

Jonathan Maza, Clerk

Felipe Flores, US Coordinator